FAQ: Task List Groups Disappear after Upgrade to v8.7

In rare cases some changes pertaining to Task Lists (which were added to or removed from a Task List Group) are missing following an upgrade.  

This only occurs after upgrading from a previous major release (e.g. 8.1, 8.3, or 8.5) to any 8.7 version between 8.7.24 and 8.7.105.

This issue could lead to broken policies that cause runtime transactions to fail unexpectedly.

The issue will not be noticed immediately after the upgrade, it will only surface after the system is rebooted - or in the case of software instances, after the Sentry service is restarted.


What Sentry instances are impacted?

Any hardware appliance model, virtual appliance, or software instance that was upgraded to a build version between 8.7.24 and 8.7.105.

What Sentry instances are not impacted?

  • Sentry instances that were never upgraded from a previous version to any 8.7 version between 8.7.24 and 8.7.105 are not impacted
  • Any Sentry instance upgraded from a previous version to 8.7.112 or later are not impacted.
  • This issue does not impact any Sentry instances running versions 8.1, 8.3, 8.5 (or any other previous version)
  • This issue does not impact Sentry instances that started with 8.7 and were never upgraded from a previous release


What is the resolution?

Upgrading any impacted Sentry instance to 8.7.112 or later will prevent the issue from occurring. If the configuration is already broken, it will be necessary to first upgrade to 8.7.112 and then import a saved configuration (from before the original upgrade to 8.7) to resolve the problem.


If your Sentry instances are impacted by this issue, Forum Support strongly recommends opening a Helpdesk ticket to report the issue.  At that time Forum Support is happy to host a session to discuss the specific impact and the appropriate mitigation strategy for each environment.




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