Forum Sentry API Policy On-Boarding Questionnaire

When on-boarding a new API in Sentry, there are several key use case requirements that need to be identified before the appropriate policy can be built in Sentry.

This article lists the primary use case requirements that need to be known to successfully deploy APIs in Sentry.


1) API Network Communications
   - Incoming Protocol (i.e. HTTP, AMQP, sFTP, etc)
   - Outgoing Protocol (i.e. HTTP, AMQP, sFTP, etc)
   - Source IP Access Control  
2) API Content Type
   - Message format (i.e. JSON, XML, SOAP)
3) API Identity (Authentication and Authorization)
   - Type of credential
   - IdM Repository (i.e. LDAP, AD)
   - SSO? 
4) API Security
    - Protocol Level (i.e. TLS)
    - Message Level (i.e. DSIG, Encryption, Virus Scan, Schema Validation, etc)
5) API Throttling
    - SLA for rates/sizes
5) API Integration
    - Message Translation (i.e. JSON to XML)
    - Custom header mappings?
    - Custom content mappings?

6) API Logging
    - Syslog, etc
7) API Error Handling
   - Custom Errors
   - Alerting


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