FAQ: Data Source Policy Timeout for Database Connections

With Data Source policies, connections to a database can be limited to a specific number. However, there is no configurable setting for connection timeouts.

With Version 9.1.227, a standard timeout of two minutes will take effect any time the current connections are in use and additional transactions are in flight awaiting a connection to the database.

For example, if the defined number of connections is 5 and all connections are actively in use, a 6th request along with any subsequent requests would be queued awaiting a connection to the database for up to two minutes. At that time, if a connection has not been made available, the transaction(s) will fail and the thread will be released.

It is important to note, an increase in processing response times on the remote database could lead to higher thread consumption. The newly implemented standard timeout should lesson the burden on the available threads if there is a performance degradation or increased latency on the database. This is because threads will no longer be tied up awaiting connections for an extended period of time.


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