Forum Sentry v9 Features

Forum Sentry v9.1 is a new major release that contains many new features, including:

  • Global Variables allow for parameterizing fields within Sentry policies to simplify policy promotion across environments
  • Support added for direct JSON Mapping
  • Distributed caching via NFS
  • Support for creating JWTs (OAuth IdP policies) and verifying JWTs (UIDAC task)
  • New Scheduler feature allows for scheduling API calls generated by Sentry
  • Support for the PostgreSQL Database with native support for JSON functions and operators
  • Support added for processing Cobol Copybook payloads
  • Support for OpenAPI 
  • Enhanced Policy Comparison and Locking Functionality for more consistent policy promotions
  • Improvements to the Performance Monitoring metrics
  • New AI Logs for tracking latency in tools such as OpenSearch


For a full list of features and fixes, please review the Release Notes


Please note that upgrading to Forum Sentry v9.1 may require new licenses. Please contact your Account Manager or Forum Systems Support for more information.


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