How To: Validating LDAP Policies Settings

LDAP Policies in Sentry are used as access control groups, to validate either run-time or admin user credentials. If these users are already stored in an LDAP repository in the environment, Sentry administrators can create LDAP polices to read from the LDAP repositories to validate credentials.

While configuring LDAP policies in Sentry there may be a need to validate the settings necessary to connect to the LDAP server (or to view user, objects, attributes, build filters, etc... in the LDAP repository).  An LDAP Browser is ideal for this testing.

JXplorer is a free open source LDAP browser that works well for validating the settings necessary to configure an LDAP policy in Forum Sentry.


For more information on configuring LDAP policies in Forum Sentry, including a description of all of the options of LDAP polices, please see the attached Access Control Guide - or use the context sensitive help from withing the WebAdmin interface (click ? on the top right of the LDAP policies screen).



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