How To: Increase the Memory Available to a Sentry Software Instance

This article is applicable to the Sentry software instances (Windows and Linux) only. This article is not applicable to Sentry Appliances.


Administrators can increase the amount of RAM available to the Sentry JVM by manually editing the file.  The default setting is 512 MB of RAM.  This should be increased to enhance performance if the host system has sufficient resources.


Below are the steps to modify the file.

1. Stop the Sentry process.

For a Windows instance - use the Windows Services Control Panel to stop the "Forum Sentry" service. You can also use the command prompt ( net stop "Forum Sentry" ). 

For a Linux instance -  use the  " /etc/init.d/xmlserver stop | start | restart " option. 


2. Make a backup copy of the file.

Default location for a Windows instance: c:\Program Files\Forum Systems\xmlserver\config\

Default location for a Linux instance: /root/ForumSystems/xmlserver/config/


3. In the JVM_ARGS line, modify the -Xmx512m line to be -Xmx1024 to double the RAM available to the JVM. If you are running a 64bit linux instance and you have plenty of available RAM you can go higher. If you put a value here that the system can't support, the service will fail to start up. Therefore, you can play with this a bit. With a 32bit Windows software instance the max is typically 1024.

The new line would be something like:

JVM_ARGS=-XX;MaxNewSize=128m -XX;MaxPermSize=128m -server -Dprotect=module -Dhttp.maxConnections=65535 
-Xmx1024m -Djava.awt.headless=true -Djava.ext.dirs=jre/lib/ext;xmlserver/lib/security;xmlserver/lib/nfast;xmlserver/lib/luna


4. Start Sentry - if the service won't run try lowering the value.


** Important Note **

This setting will not be kept after an upgrade, a the file is overwritten. Therefore, after you upgrade you will need to make this edit once again. It is not recommended to simply copy off the file and copy it back in after upgrade, as there could be changes to the file with the upgrade.


Please contact Forum Systems Support if you have any questions.


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