How To: Configuring Case Sensitivity with the Identify Document Task in Forum Sentry

Forum Sentry administrators using the Identify Document task to uniquely identify a request or response may wish to make the comparison value case insensitive. By default the comparison values are case sensitive.


There are 2 types of Filters in the Identify Document task: Header Filters and Document Filters.


Header Filters: These allow for matching values outside of an XML request or response document and included:

  • HTTP request or response headers
  • User Attribute values
  • Query Parameter values (document based or URL based)
  • HTTP Status Code
  • X.509 Attribute
  • Cookie
  • HTTP Method
  • Request Path
  • Username
  • Source IP

When building a Header filter, to make the comparison value case insensitive, use the Comparator = with the Value Type Constant and a regular expression for the Value.

For example,  to make a URL Query Parameter match case insensitive, use the following:



In this example, the filter will check the query parameter name for the string testuser without applying case sensitivity. So the following variations would be matched: TestUser, testuser, TESTUSER, testUser, etc..



Document Filter - Expression Builder: This allows for building an XPath expression based on the Sample Document associated to the task list. 

To make the comparison in the Identify Document task case insensitive, set the lower-case function on the XPath expression and make the value lowercase.

Below is an example entry for matching the word "forum" regardless of case. With this entry the values: forum, Forum, FORUM, fORum, etc.. will all match.


Path: /soap:Envelope/soap:Body/tns:Echo/tns:Buf
Comparator: =
Value: "forum"

Case Insensitive Version:

Path: lower-case(/soap:Envelope/soap:Body/tns:Echo/tns:Buf)
Comparator: =
Value: "forum"


For more information on the Identify Document task please refer to the Task Management Guide available in the Help menu in the WebAdmin interface or contact Forum Systems Support.


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