How To: Restrict Admin User Access to Specific Menu Items

With the  Forum Sentry WebAdmin interface it is possible to restrict access to certain pages for different users. 

The steps below show how to create a new User and restrict this user to only be able to view the Internal Logs.  This can be done for any other pages (Menu Items) in the WebAdmin.


1. Create the Logs Read-Only user by going to:

ACCESS--->USER POLICIES--->USERS and create a user

2. Create a user group by going to:

ACCESS--->USER POLICIES--->USER GROUPS and create a group

3. Click on the newly created GROUP and add the new USER to it

4. Create a new Domain by going to:

ADMIN ACCESS---->DOMAINS and create a new domain

5. Click on the new Domain and check READ for the new group in question then SAVE

6. Create a new Role for the Read-Only Internal Logs as follows:

Go to ADMIN ACCESS---->ROLES and create a new role then click on the new role where you SELECT/CHECK internal logs then SAVE

6. Finally add a Restriction to the new Domain via the new Role as follows:

Go to ADMIN ACCESS---->DOMAINS and click on the newly created domain then CHECK RESTRICTED MENUS and selected the role then save.




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