How To: Restrict a User's Access to Specific Menu Items

The example steps below, creates a new User and restricts this user to only be able to view the Internal Logs.  This can be done for any other

Menu Items:


1. Create the Logs' Read-Only user by going to:

ACCESS--->USER POLICIES--->USERS and create a user

2. Create a user group by going to:

ACCESS--->USER POLICIES--->USER GROUPS and create a group

3. Click on the newly created GROUP and add the new USER to it

4. Create a new domain by going to:

ADMIN ACCESS---->DOMAINS and create a new domain

5. Click on the new Domain and check READ for the new group in question then SAVE

6. Create a new role for the Read-Only Internal Logs as follows:

Go to ADMIN ACCESS---->ROLES and create a new role then click on the new role where you SELECT/CHECK internal logs then SAVE

6. Finally add a Restriction to the new Domain via the new Role as follows:

Go to ADMIN ACCESS---->DOMAINS and click on the newly created domain then CHECK RESTRICTED MENUS and selected the role then save.



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