How To: Processing Large Payloads and Documents with Forum Sentry


There are limitations in terms of the memory Sentry allocates when processing large documents.  For documents up to 10MB in size, Sentry reserves 10 times the document size on a 32bit system and 100MB on a 64bit system. If the document is larger than 10MB (32bit) or 100MB (64bit), then 40MB (32bit) or 400MB (64bit) is reserved.


Possible Solution

If the Sentry use case requires processing of large files, it may be necessary to use the Streaming format Message Type Filter. This Streaming format will allocate just 10KB per document.  With the Streaming filter the document is not loaded into memory.  This may limit the processing that can be done to the document, so this is change is not necessarily valid for all use cases. Contact Forum Systems Support to discuss the use case prior to making this change.

The message type filter is found at the bottom of the Virtual Directory page. To change the format simply open the filter and use the drop down for Format.



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