Forum Sentry Release Notes

Last updated on October 19, 2022 with release of Sentry v9.1.193.

The current shipping branch of Forum Sentry is v9.1.  

All non-hardware instances of Forum Sentry (including software, virtual appliance, and AMI) will require a new license to upgrade to v9.1. Please contact Forum Systems Support or your Account Manager with any questions about licensing.

Latest releases by Release Branch:

Release Branch Latest Version
9.1 9.1.193
8.11 8.11.70
8.9 8.9.90
8.7 8.7.134
8.5 8.5.173
8.3 8.3.547
8.1 8.1.721

The current Forum Sentry Release Notes for each branch are attached.  

Upgrade instructions

Minimum Requirements    

For download links please open a new ticket with Forum Systems Support.





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