Forum Sentry Cloud Based Training and Product Certification


This article provides a general overview of the Forum Sentry Online Training and Product Certification platform.

For pricing and registration information please contact your Forum Systems Account Manager.

The online training and certification process consists of two components:

1. Online Learning Management System (LMS) - This is the web portal where you will work through the Sentry labs / course material and take the certification quizzes.

2. Forum Sentry Training Instance for Hands-On Labs - This is a cloud hosted OS that includes a Sentry software instance and all peripheral software required to complete the hands-on training labs.


Online LMS

Forum Systems utilizes the Mindflash Online LMS for the Forum Sentry Training and Product Certification. There are several courses that cover both administration and development.

Each course consists of:

1. Course Introduction Video
2. Demonstration Videos
3. Downloadable Hands-On Lab PDF Document
4. Certification Quiz

The trainees should watch all videos for the course, work through the Hands-On lab, and then return to the training portal to complete the certification quiz.

Product Certification happens upon completion of all courses (hands-on labs and quizzes) available at the time of training.


Forum Sentry Training Instance for Hands-On Labs

To complete the hands-on training labs, each trainee will utilize their own AWS EC2 instance with Forum Sentry and all other required software installed and licensed. 

A Training VM (OVA file) can also be provided for local training - rather than an AWS EC2 instance.  The training material is the same for both options.

The Amazon EC2 hosted instance is accessed via RDP (remote desktop protocol). RDP clients are readily available for Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems.


Please send the following information to your Forum Systems Account Manager for pricing and registration details.

  1. Company Name
  2. Full Name
  3. Company Email Address
  4. Phone Number
  5. Number of Trainees
  6. Expected start date
  7. Physical Location (to determine which AWS region to run the training instance in) or preference for VM option



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