Forum Sentry v9.1 Training and Product Certification

Get Certified for Forum Sentry v9.1

Sentry administrators who have previously taken the v8 training should strongly consider becoming certified for Sentry v9.1.  The Sentry v9.1 training covers all the basics with a strong emphasis on DevOps and Automation with Forum Sentry.  The v9.1 training also covers the following new features:

  • Global Variables allow for parameterizing fields within Sentry policies to simplify policy promotion across environments
  • Support added for direct JSON Mapping
  • Distributed caching via NFS
  • Support for creating JWTs (OAuth IdP policies) and verifying JWTs (UIDAC task)
  • New Scheduler feature allows for scheduling API calls generated by Sentry
  • Support for the PostgreSQL Database with native support for JSON functions and operators
  • Support added for processing Cobol Copybook payloads
  • Support for OpenAPI 
  • Enhanced Policy Comparison and Locking Functionality for more consistent policy promotions
  • Improvements to the Performance Monitoring metrics
  • New AI Logs for tracking latency in tools such as OpenSearch


The online training and certification process consists of two components:

1. Online Learning Management System (LMS) - This is the web portal where you will work through the Sentry labs / course material and take the certification quizzes.

2. Forum Sentry Training Instance for Hands-On Labs - This is a cloud hosted OS that includes a Sentry software instance and all peripheral software required to complete the hands-on training labs.


Online LMS

Forum Systems utilizes the TrakStar Online LMS for the Forum Sentry Training and Product Certification. There are several courses that cover both administration and development.

Each course consists of:

1. Course Introduction Video
2. Demonstration Videos
3. Downloadable Hands-On Lab PDF Document
4. Certification Quiz

The trainees should watch all videos for the course, work through the Hands-On lab, and then return to the training portal to complete the certification quiz.

Product Certification happens upon completion of all courses (hands-on labs and quizzes) available at the time of training.


Forum Sentry Training Instance for Hands-On Labs

To complete the hands-on training labs, each trainee will utilize their own AWS EC2 instance with Forum Sentry and all other required software installed and licensed. 

A Training VM (OVA file) can also be provided for local training - rather than an AWS EC2 instance.  The training material is the same for both options.

The Amazon EC2 hosted instance is accessed via RDP (remote desktop protocol). RDP clients are readily available for Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems.

Course Offerings

Forum Sentry v9.1 Training & Product Certification

  • Unlimited access to Forum Support Help Desk Portal – Videos, FAQs, PDF Docs, etc.
  • 60 Minute Introductory Training Session (web based) Hosted by Forum Systems
  • 60 Minute Working Training Session (web based) Hosted by Forum Systems
  • 60 Minute Closing Training Session (web based) Hosted by Forum Systems
  • 60 Minute Advanced Training session (web based) Hosted by Forum Systems - DevOps, New v9.1 Features
  • 30 Day Access to online Learning Management System (LMS) to complete self-paced labs
  • 30 Day Forum Sentry Training License (1 for each trainee)
  • 30 Day SOAPSonar Training License (1 for each trainee)
  • 30 Day Cloud Based (AWS EC2) Training Instance or Local Training VM (OVA)
  • 30 Day Technical Support Contract for Training Environment includes direct access to Senior Trainer


Please send the following information to your Forum Systems Account Manager for pricing and registration details.

  1. Company Name
  2. Full Name
  3. Company Email Address
  4. Phone Number
  5. Number of Trainees
  6. Expected start date
  7. Physical Location (to determine which AWS region to run the training instance in) or preference for VM option



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