Sentry Video - Monitoring and Testing via SOAPSonar - Generating Tests from Captured Traffic

Sentry administrators need a comprehensive testing tool that supports the many different protocols and data types being handled by the gateway. SOAPSonar is the recommended tool for functional, security, compliance, performance, and automated testing of Forum Sentry.

SOAPSonar supports automated regression testing of many types of APIs (SOAP, XML, REST, JSON, HTML, EDI, etc..) with the current results being compared to known good stored results. These scheduled test suites can be used to monitor Sentry and/or for full "end-to-end" monitoring through several hops (load balancer, Sentry, the API, etc...).

When building the test suite for automated monitoring / testing, it can be quite useful to start building out test cases based on captured traffic. This is particularly helpful if you're unfamiliar with the specific request characteristics used by the client, or if you need a quick way to record and playback transactions for troubleshooting an issue.

Once the test is automatically generated based on the captured information, you can apply all the usual automation tasks in SOAPSonar for identity, security etc. to extend the scope of your tests based on just a few captured transactions.


Here is a short ~7 minute video demonstrating how you can achieve this with your SOAPSonar tool: 


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