FAQ: Why does my CLI session show a "Restricted Mode" prompt?

When logged in via SSH or serial console you might sometimes see a prompt that says "Restricted Mode". In the vast majority of cases this does
does indicate a problem. This is, in fact a built in feature, that you will see when Sentry is not done loading the config and processes are
not up yet. At the Restricted Mode prompt type "Connections" and see if ports are up and listening especially 5050 and 22. When you
see these in listen state then type "exit" and you should be back to the normal prompt. Otherwise wait 15 or 20 minutes to type exit.

If after a period of time the device is still in this mode then there might be other issues of concern. At this point you issue a
reboot by typing "reboot" and allow enough time for the device to come up.

Once the system is up please generate a Diagnostic file for review as follows:

The hidden "runDiagnostics" command (requires Enable mode) will gather and compress internal logs. The command will then allow administrators to
download the data via Zmodem transfer, which is helpful if there is no WebAdmin interface accessible. The Zmodem transfer will only work with serial
console access to the CLI (not via SSH).

If the administrator does have WebAdmin access, you can download the diagnostics file from the Diagnostics>>Logging>>Diagnostic File page in the
WebAdmin interface. If this page does not exist, log out and log back in after running the command.

Note that it is best to run the "runDiagnostics" command BEFORE rebooting the appliance whenever possible.

Internal Logs
System and Audit logs - Download and send the Sentry Audit and System logs from any of the days the issues has occurred. If the problem is reproducible,
please set the System log threshold to DEBUG mode and reproduce the problem, download the System log, and then set the threshold back to INFO or WARNING level.

For more information please see:



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