FAQ: Can multiple Virtual Directories use the same HTTP Listener Policy?

Yes. Multiple virtual directories, across different WSDL and/or Content Policies, can use the same HTTP/HTTPS Listener Policy.


A Forum Sentry use case may call for securing multiple web sites using the same IP:Port combination (HTTP/HTTPS Listener Policy).  

The HTTP/S Listener policies can be reused across multiple virtual directories, with the caveat that each virtual directory has some unique criteria.  When Sentry receives a request it has to match the request to a defined virtual directory.  If it cannot match, it will issue the "Server Error 404 The requested virtual directory was not found" error.

Sentry uses 3 criteria to match the incoming request URL to a virtual directory. One of these 3 has to be unique for each virtual directory:

Using the Request URL below as an example:

  1.  Protocol://IP_Address:Port combination - the HTTP/S Listener. In the example above this is
  2. Virtual Path - everything following the Port number in the URL. In the example above, this is /login.
  3. Incoming Host Header - set by the client using the value of the hostname, DNS name, or IP entered to access the Sentry virtual directory. In the example above, this is


The Virtual Host Option

When you want to have multiple virtual directories using the same IP:Port/VirtualPath, use the Virtual Host option on the virtual directory, specifying what the incoming Host header value will be. Sentry will now use this 3rd criteria to match the Request URL to the virtual directory. Note that the Sentry log at DEBUG level will show the full Request URL and which virtual directory it was matched to.


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