FAQ: What are the possible Zip task errors for encryption and decryption?

The Zip task errors that can occur for both encryption and decryption include:

  • No ZIP file found. A ZIP file must be attached to the message. 
  • Multiple files found. Multiple attachments are not allowed. 
  • No ZIP entries found. The ZIP file must not be empty. 
  • Too many ZIP entries. 
  • No metadata found in ZIP file. 
  • Multiple metadata documents found. A ZIP file must contain only one metadata document. 
  • The name or format of the metadata file is incorrect.

Zip task errors that can occur only for decryption include:

  • No document found in encrypted ZIP. 
  • No key found in encrypted ZIP. 
  • Multiple documents found. An encrypted ZIP must contain only one document. 
  • Multiple keys found in encrypted ZIP. Multiple keys are not allowed. 
  • Incorrect key size found. 
  • The encrypted key name does not match the metadata. 
  • The encrypted document name does not match the metadata.



Additional decryption errors can occur if the encrypted content is corrupt or the wrong key is used.

Additional errors can occur if a zip file is corrupt, not a zip file, or not a supported zip format.


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