FAQ: Server Error 403 - Request Path Match Failed

If the request matches a virtual directory, but there are characters in the URI that are not allowed, Sentry blocks with the 403 error below:


Server Error 403

Request path match failed - 'uri path' did not match trailing filter pattern 'filter expression'
System Name: test_sentry_instance
Server Policy: test
Matched task list:
Failure occurred in task: 


The Filter Expression is an extended regular expression that must match a defined pattern in the trailing URI (everything after the virtual path) before a request is accepted for processing.

Typically the default of (/.*)? does not need to be modified for WSDL or XML policies. However, for REST, JSON, or HTML policies, this may need to be adjusted to allow certain requests.  Usually setting this to a value of .* will allow all requests to pass this filter.


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