FAQ: TAM Fails to Register in a Linux Software Port Instance of Sentry.

Registering a Linux software port instance of Sentry with TAM gives the following error:
java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: com/ibm/crypto/fips/provider/IBMJCEFIPS

This can occur if the pd.jar file is not deleted after the Linux environment has been configured to allow for Sentry to be configured with TAM.   Remove the pd.jar far and restart the Forum Sentry process to address this issue.



Below are the basic instructions for registering a Linux software instance of Sentry for use with TAM.


  1. Install the IBM JDK from the Access Manager Base CD
  2. Run install_amjrte from the CD and install using the defaults and the correct server.


Command lines used:

export JAVA_HOME=/opt/ibm/java2-i386-50/

export PATH=$JAVA_HOME/bin:$PATH

cd /opt/PolicyDirector/sbin

./pdjrtecfg -action config -host <TAM SERVER HOSTNAME/IP> -java_home <BASE PATH TO SENTRY INSTALL>/ForumSystems/jre/ -port <TAM SERVER PORT> -domain Default -config_type full

rm <BASE PATH TO SENTRY INSTALL>/ForumSystems/jre/lib/ext/PD.jar





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