FAQ: SAML or OAuth for Single Sign-On (SSO)

Many deployments utilize Forum Sentry to implement SAML SSO, OAuth, or both.   Customers frequently ask for recommendations on which technology to use for specific use cases.

As an enterprise organization, which one should you use? Which one is better?

In many cases, the answer to both of these questions may depend both on the application and access needed. The bottom line is that they provide some similar functionality but they solve different problems. Many of our customers come to us because they start using one or the other and determine that there are needs for both.

SAML provides information about who a user is and provides a way to authorize and authenticate users. OAuth allows organizations to delegate or grant access to APIs allowing someone (whoever is authorized) to act as the user (secure delegated access).

For more information please review the Forum Systems Blog article: SAML Or OAuth – Which Is Best For Your Organization?


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