Advisory for Legacy Sentry Deployments Utilizing ClamAV

Due to a change with the ClamAV signature updates, Sentry instances configured for AV scanning and auto-updates may encounter failures with policies utilizing the AV engine. The root cause is related to the October 21, 2016 signature file from ClamAV that is unable to be processed by ClamAV engines older than v0.99.

Patch upgrades have been made available to Sentry customers using ClamAV and running an impacted version listed below. The newer versions of Sentry are using the latest ClamAV engine (0.99) which has no issue with the new signature file formats. Note that if you have Sentry version 8.7, this issue is not applicable since v8.7 already has the 0.99 ClamAV engine embedded.


Impacted Sentry Version To Resolve, Upgrade to Sentry Version
7.3 (all 7.3 versions) 8.1.721, 8.3.539, or 8.5.156
8.1 (all prior to 8.1.720) 8.1.721, 8.3.539, or 8.5.156
8.3 (all prior to 8.3.538) 8.3.539, or 8.5.156
8.5 (all prior to 8.5.155) 8.5.156



Please contact Forum Systems Support for links to the latest releases.




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