Sentry Video - X.509 Client Certificate Authentication

Watch this 15 minute video for a demonstration of the Forum Sentry X.509 client certificate authentication functionality in Forum Sentry.

Use Case Demonstrations:

X.509 Client Authentication for Secure API Access
X.509 Client Authentication for Secure SSO to

Advantages of X.509 Authentication:

  • Username and Password Credentials not Required
  • Certificate Validation and Revocation
  • Multi-Factor Authentication
  • Easy Integration with Identity Stores
  • Widespread Support in Existing Client Applications
  • Many Use Cases

X509 client certificate authentication can be a cornerstone security parameter for several use cases across multiple types of services and applications. This includes: Derived PIV, smart card authentication, mobile device and mobile app authentication with SSO, authentication and SSO for local or cloud hosted APIs (both SOAP and REST), and enterprise identity federation and SSO for web portals (for example SAML 2.0 SSO).

Why Forum Sentry for X.509 Authentication:

  • Security – FIPS, NDPP, and US DoD Certified
  • Performance – Purpose built, optional crypto acceleration
  • Simplify Management – Manage all certs and SSO technologies in 1 product
  • Extensibility – Authentication and SSO for APIs, Web services, web portals, etc.
  • Easy and Cost Effective – No coding required



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