FAQ: How do I configure the time-zone, date, time, and NTP server in the ForumOS?

Below are the steps to set the time-zone, time, and NTP server in the ForumOS.  These same steps apply to the Sentry hardware appliances, virtual appliances, and AMI.


ForumOS CLI access with Enable Mode privileges are required.


Below are the CLI commands with examples



1. Set the desired time zone:


ForumOS# system config time-zone

# Please enter: Time zone

# Time zone

> US/Pacific



2. Set the time correctly:


ForumOS# system config time

# Please enter: Time

# The time in the format HH:MM in 24-hour time

  e.g. 12:00 for 12PM, 00:00 for 12AM, 13:00 for 1PM, etc

> 14:50

# Please enter: Date

# The system date in the format MM/DD/YYYY with leading zeros

  e.g. 01 for January, etc.

> 08/30/2018

Date and time successfully set



3. Set the NTP server:


ForumOS# system config ntp

# Please enter: NTP Servers

# Comma delimited list of NTP Servers

  Enter blank value for none

> pool.ntp.org

NTP servers has been set



4. Do a manual sync with the NTP server:


ForumOS# network utils ntp-validate

Successfully synchronized with NTP server



5. Reboot the server:


ForumOS# reboot

# Please enter: Confirm

# Are you sure you want to reboot the server?

  Y to confirm reboot

  N to cancel

> Y









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