FAQ: What do the LED lights on the 456X Rev B Series Appliance Indicate?

There are five LED lights on the front panel of 456X Rev B series appliances. The lights will be on the right side of the front panel. Here are what the lights indicate: 

Lights from left to right: 

Unit identifier (UID) and system status indicator.

    • Fast Blinking Red (1x/sec) = Fan Fail
    • Solid Red = CPU Overheat
    • Slow Blinking Red (1x/4 sec) = Power Fail
    • Solid Blue = Local UID button pressed
    • Blinking Blue = UID activated remotely

Indicates the network activity on the management port.

Indicates the network activity on the fail-over port.

Indicates hard drive activity.

Indicates the system has been powered on. This light should always be green when the system is powered on.


There are also LED lights next to each network interface on the back of the appliance. For each network port, there is an LED light on both sides of the port.

Left LED light:
Off = No connection of 10Mb/s 
Green= 100Mb/s connection 
Dark Amber= 1Gb/s connection

Right LED light: 
Off = No activity 
Blinking Light Amber = network activity





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