INTERNAL - SAML SSO SP Initiated FORM POST - Self Contained

The self contained sample for this use case is attached.  The import password is password.  I recommend you back up your full FSX config before importing.  The import of the attached FSG will create:

HTTPS network policy on port 443
SSL termination policy
US DoD test key pair
Signature policy
Verification policy
Signer Group
HTML Policy
STS Policy
Redirect Policies (2)
Task List Groups (2)
Task Lists (4)
Sample Documents (2)
User ACL
Use Group
Local User ( testuser / password )

I tried to label each piece with SAMPLE. Here is a breakout from the Overview page with a search for the label SAMPLE. Some objects are missing (user, user acl, etc.).

Sentry is the SP, the login page, and the STS. Below is an outline of the flow:

1. hit SP  (/landing)
2. redirected to sts
3. no cookie, redirected to login page
4. sentry serves login page
5. submit credentials to /auth ( testuser / password)
6. sentry validates credentials, sets cookie, and redirects to SP (/landing)
7. redirected to sts
8. cookie authenticated
9. SAML generated and user redirected back to SP (/landing)
10. SAML validated and landing page returned 

This is the access log showing all of the transactions:

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