Forum API Developer Portal Quick Start Guide

With the Forum Sentry v9.1 release the Forum API Developer Portal (DevPortal) is available to Forum Systems customers with the appropriate licensing entitlements.


The DevPortal is a standalone product that runs separately from Forum Sentry and the ForumOS. The DevPortal is a completely customizable Drupal portal that is provided as a CentOS VM to be launched, configured, and managed by the user (not Forum Systems).


The DevPortal communicates with a Sentry instance to document the REST APIs deployed within that instance.  This functionality uses a new Portal API available only in Sentry v9.1.  Previous versions of Forum Sentry (v8.X and earlier) do not work with the DevPortal.


The DevPortal will be utilized by developers who are building client applications calling the APIs secured by Sentry.  Specifically, the developers will be able to obtain the API definitions, register to use the APIs, and collaborate with other developers.

The attached Quick Start Guide details how to set up the DevPortal VM and configure it to communicate with a Sentry v9.1 instance.


A sample OpenAPI Policy is also attached, this can be imported into Sentry v9.1. This file is referenced in the Quick Start Guide.

Please contact Forum Systems Support with any questions.





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