Forum Sentry License Server Requirements

The Forum Sentry License Server is a centralized licensing system that hosts Forum Sentry Elastic licenses and enables Forum Sentry instances to obtain licenses dynamically.

Any virtual edition (non-hardware) of Forum Sentry can be licensed via the Licensing Server. Note that use of the Forum Sentry Licensing Server requires Forum Sentry v8.11.23 or higher.


Forum Sentry License Server Minimum and Recommended Requirements

Operating System Requirements

Minimum: Linux 64-bit

Recommended: CentOS 7 (tested)

Hardware Requirements

10GB Hard Drive
1GB Ram

40GB Hard drive
2GB Ram

AWS EC2 Instance Type

t2.micro 1 CPU, 1GB RAM

t2.small 1 CPU, 2GB RAM

Networking Requirements

Listening Port - The Forum Sentry License Server will listen for incoming calls from all Sentry instances that are leasing licenses.  Theses calls happen over HTTPS.  The default port for this communication is 443 but this can be changed during the installation of the License Server to any available port.

Network Availability - Each Forum Sentry instance configured to lease a license from the License Server will need constant access to the server on the listening port.  Failure to reach the License Server will eventually result in the Sentry instance becoming unlicensed.






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