The Latest Forum Sentry AMI


Updated on 3/20/2020

The latest Forum Sentry AMI is available via the AWS Marketplace at the link below or by searching for "Forum Sentry".

Forum Sentry AMI

Customers can subscribe to launch the AMI using the instance type and region of their choosing.


 New Forum Sentry AMIs are published occasionally, but not with every Forum Sentry firmware release.

The Forum Sentry AWS EC2 AMI is a virtual instantiation of the same ForumOS that runs on the Forum Sentry hardware devices.  Forum Sentry runs within the secure ForumOS.

When new Sentry releases are available, the upgrade packages can be applied to an existing EC2 instance of the Forum Sentry (ForumOS) AMI.  Therefore, it is not necessary to launch a new instance from the latest AMI to obtain a new Forum Sentry version.


The Forum Sentry AMI can also be launched via the AMIs page in the EC2 Management Console.  The AMI ID changes depending on the region in use, but the AMI name is consistent across regions and can be used to find the AMI in the EC2 console.

The current Sentry AMI Name is:

Sentry AMI - 8.11.39-2027796a-fd73-4f4f-bf04-13a32a7d3355-ami-0de5ee456446d8f03.4



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